June 19 Paul Robinson comic strip artist

June 19 Paul Robinson comic strip artist

Paul Dowling Robinson (June 19, 1898 – September 21, 1974) was a comic strip artist best known for his long-run Etta Kett comic strip.

In 1932, Robinson found success with Etta Kett. The strip about teenager Etta Kett began as a way to teach etiquette to teens, hence its name. Robinson also drew The Love-Byrds, about the cheerful couple Peggy and Howard Byrd, as a topper strip above Etta Kett. Etta Kett’s poses, facial features and hair style are all similar to Peggy Byrd.

Etta Kett ran in more than 50 American newspapers for almost 50 years, starting December 1925 and continuing until November 24, 1974. In 1957, Harvey Kurtzman lampooned the strip in his satirical Trump magazine.

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