Bitter people/Better people  Roberto Benigni

Bitter people/Better people Roberto Benigni

Bitter people/Better people  Roberto Benigni

A cartoonist often receives requests, dedications on published volumes, original drawings with dedications, and original panels. It is not uncommon to receive such requests also from famous people. As a rule, at least in our case, it makes no difference to us. It has occurred over the years to send drawings, copies or other items to a number of comics lovers.

Almost everyone says thanks, usually via email or sometimes through a card. And from the closest people (in the sense of personal relationships), it’s through a phone call. Sometimes it’s even via a small or symbolic gift.

But this is not always a custom among the famous people. But let’s not talk about those who, after making a request, do not find the time to say thanks. Let’s leave them to their rudeness.

Let us talk about beautiful people instead.

Roberto Benigni and Pinocchio

Not to mention Roberto Benigni, years ago we read that he was preparing the film Pinocchio (his version, not that of Garrone). We had an original copy of Galleppini‘s Pinocchio in the studio and we thought he would be delighted to have it. Moreover, Benigni, a great fan of Tex Willer, could not help but love a work by Galep ante Tex. Two weeks went by (the post office is always the post office) and one evening in the studio, the phone rang. It was Roberto, thanking us.

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