Born today Carlo Chendi

Born today Carlo Chendi

Angelo Carlo Chendi (born July 10, 1933) is an Italian cartoonist.

Since 1952, Carlo Chendi has written hundreds of stories with characters from Disney comics.

He moved at a young age from Ferrara, Rapallo, in Liguria’ where he started his career as a cartoonist.

He became one of the pillars of the so-called school of Rapallo, along with Maestro Luciano Bottaro and his friend Giorgio Rebuffi, with whom he founded in 1968 the group Bierrecì (acronym of Bottaro, Rebuffi, Chendi) without, however, stop working with the Mondadori in the realization of Disney stories.

His career took place between the area of Tigullio and Milan, where he participated, among other things, the creation of the magazine King of Spades, the first of Studio Bierrecì, and implementation of traditional Italian of Great Disney Feature his series was one of his most famous and appreciated, in collaboration with Luciano Bottaro. With Bottaro he began the great saga of Rebo, the tyrant of Saturn .

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