Born today Lino Landolfi

Born today Lino Landolfi

Born today: Lino Landolfi

Lino Landolfi (6 April 1925 – 11 February 1988, Italy)   

Lino Landolfi did several art studies in Rome, before he turned to creating comics in 1946. He started out making some comics for magazines like Il Corrierino (‘Zenzero’, ‘Ali Cali’) and Il Giornalino (‘Ticco e Cicca’). In 1947 he began a collaboration with Il Vittorioso magazine. There he made comic adaptations of work by Alphonse Daudet (‘Tartarino di Tarascona’), Giulo Cesare Croce (‘Bertoldo’) and Mark Twain (‘Uno Yankee alla Corte di Re Artù’), followed by the series ‘Joe’ (1951) and ‘Procopio di Torrecupa’ (1952-68).

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