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How does a scriptwriter react to the misadventures he has always only imagined?
In this episode the story tells about the animated adventure of Adam, an American author of comics and an expatriate in Cuba, and of his unintentional implication in an episode of the revolution of Fidel Castro.

BodyPart_adam_530( Boxed edition with original artwork, hand-colored, postcard and fridge magnet — €19 )

Subject and Script-writer:
Giancarlo Malagutti
Manlio Truscia
Number of volumes:
1 Volume in B&W
Number of pages:
52 Pages (comics) 30 pages (postface/making of) Editions in: Italiano Néerlandais - Flemish/BelgianDutch - Français - Português - English (soon)
Normal Edition: 14€ buy now
Boxed Edition:  19€ buy now