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STRUCTURE & TONE OF THE STORIES: The main character: Christine J. Carella is a young woman living alone in a large, modern, anonymous city which could be Los Angeles and which provides the stage for all kinds of adventures.
The problems that give rise to her adventures are the same everyone has: work, money, relationships with others, people bullying her, love and so on.

What can you say about a character who was never born?
She was beautiful! And intelligent.
She loved Moon River sung by Audrey Hepburn and she cries with Casablanca.

Chris Carella is a mixture of drama, comedy, and romance,(comedy-drama, or “dramedy”) and is one of the good examples of comics script. But the series was never published. The Italian comics are still the same as those of the 1950’s, only: bang! bang! aarhg… shot! kill him! etc…

If we find a good artist, we will publish with OutisFumetti

Number of volumes:
1 Volume in B&W
Number of pages:
96 Pages.
All ages
Price: 25€ (only on request) buy now