Are the people around us really what they seem?

ACTORS: Mathias is a blond 10-year-old. He’s knowledgeable for his age as a result of his somewhat cosmopolitan education. Anna is a freckly 10-year-old redhead, orphaned at an early age. Lively, intelligent and with a searching mind, she’s the one with the sense of humour and sharp one liners.

STRUCTURE & TONE OF THE STORIES: The two protagonists in this series are children and, despite their superhuman potentialities, they behave as such. They always travel with an adult, never go out late at night and wherever they stay, are in the company of relatives. It is within this context that the storyline develops in its own way. They’re not out to right the world, yet they are endowed with a strong sense of justice and they seek to do good in the face of evil.

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Subject and Script-writer:
Giancarlo Malagutti
Giancarlo Malagutti
Each episode (9 volumes in full color) is 44 pages long and is a complete and free-standing story. Reading them in order is recommended.  Just translated in Italian, English, French, Dutch.
All ages
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